Hot Air Balloon Festival

hot air balloonCampers at Sunset Point on Lake LBJ will have a great vantage point from which to watch the beautiful Hot Air Balloon Festival on April 19 through 21 in Marble Falls. Most people are captivated by the sight of these brightly colored conveyances sailing through the sky, half-envying the adventurous souls who are brave enough to ride them.

You can escape the crowd and view this event from the tranquility of our park, or if you bring your boat you can watch from Lake LBJ. But those who wish to have a close-up view can purchase tickets by calling the Horseshoe Bay Resort in town. The event will also include helicopter rides, a dog walk and live music, as well as a BBQ buffet and craft fair. It should be quite an event.

The Blue Bonnet Café is the place for a little pick-me-up or a meal of comfort food. They are known for down-home cooking and decadent pies with flaky crusts. Try the chicken fried steak with biscuits, and top it off with a slice of German chocolate pie. Oh my!

We welcome you to stay with us anytime. Visit our website and book your spot today.

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